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"We know how to work with Contractors to save time."

In today's market place Contractors have to get more done with less people in a shorter time frame. We understand this and help our contractors find solutions. We work to represent manufacturers that design time-saving as well as cost-saving solutions. 

We look to solve problems.


"We handle MRO, OEM, and typical Industrial accounts."

Because we have sold high-tech products we have a better understanding of how industrial accounts operate. We don't just call on Maintenance. We also call on engineers, plant managers, purchasing, stores, quality control, etc. Miller-Heiman sales training is key to bringing an increasing sales volume to our vendors. 


"We support the Contractor in their efforts to up-sell."

With the ever increasing popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT), home owners and landlords are wanting and needing to automate and protect their investment. Because we are high-tech we help contractors show increased value by offering unique and better solutions to their customers.

Our Company May Be New - But We Have Years of Experience!

See our history. As an original founder of Porter Brown Sales and Pinnacle Solutions as well as being a previous owner of Electrical Lines, we understand this business and what it takes to bring success. Give us a call and lets talk.